Those onions were incredible!

tastes great

This was the best burger ever. Look how meaty this thing is and the bacon was incredible!

Great Tacos. They were amazing!

Grilled baby shrimp with pasta. So easy to make and inexpensive. Don't forget the Parmesan cheese!

Great fruit salad that's healthy for you and tastes great.

Add some hot yellow peppers to any meal. Great taste and healthy!

Tai chicken lettuce wraps. Taste great and so easy to make. Just as good as P.F. Changs. Just use: 1. Romaine Lettuce Wraps 2. Onions 3. Limes 4. Cabbage 5. Grilled Chicken 6. Carrots 7. Peanut sauce

Strawberries, peaches, and blue berries. Very healthy and tasty. Great for breakfast or a dessert. How about throwing some vanilla ice cream on top. This is a winner!

Pasta with melted cheese and crisp bacon. This is a treat! I can eat this all day. So easy to make. Just use: 1. Any type of pasta 2. 1 bag of bacon 3. 1 pound of mozzarella cheese 4. Cook and Serve

Check out This website has some great recipes. These enchiladas look amazing and the spinach really makes it tasty. Who says eating healthy doesn't taste good!

Fresh greens with bacon and eggs. Just look how crisp the bacon is. A healthy choice even with the bacon. Who doesn't like bacon! I can eat this anytime of the day.

Linguini with grilled shrimp. The mushrooms were incredibile! The sauce was so thick and tasty. I would recommend this to anyone.

One of the Best Italian Beef sandwiches I ever had. Just look at how the cheese is melted throughout. And, of course, dont't forget the chips on the side.

Grilled shrimp brushetta with a touch a basil. Such a tasty dish.

Fried chicken with peas and caramelized onions.

These shrimp tacos are awesome! Great summer time food!