Wait what!! A hamburger on a spaghetti bun. Now, this is crazy. I had this at PYT in Philadelphia.

How can you go wrong? Thai tuna burgers! The cucumber makes this sandwich.

Fresh picked tomatoes from New Jersey.

Seafood galore! My top 5 five fishes: 1. Shrimp 2. Clams 3. Crawfish 4. Oysters 5. Salmon

Check out this selection of candy!! Does it get any better than this!

This is a mushroom burger. So good and healthy!

This Turkey burger is a great substitute for the real thing. Check out those strawberries.

These are the greatest tacos of all time. Guacamole and basil are great additions to any taco.

One of my favs. A salmon burger with olives on a poppy seed bun.

Another healthy choice. A mushroom burger with greens and avocado.

Everyday is a great day for grilling. Top 5 things to grill: 1. Chicken 2. Hamburgers 3. Steak 4. Ribs 5. Shish-ka-bobs

Egg sandwich with tomato and avocado. The challa type roll was unbelievable.

Sometimes you need to treat yourself. Great burger with all the toppings!