Sometimes you just have to eat healthy.

California Roll. All sushi is now 50% off. What a deal!

General Tso's Chicken from a local Chinese restaurant in downtown Philadelphia's Chinatown. Not to spicy, but just right. I would definitely go back again.

Chocolate covered cherries. You can't eat just one of them. The cherries were so fresh. I think they were picked that day.

Bacon wrapped scallops. So easy to make!

This pizza was amazing. The crust was great and the shaved mushrooms really make this a nice treat. Found this pizza at a small place in New York City.

Great gift for my girlfriend. Everyone loves chocolate covered strawberries.

Whiskey sour with a touch of grapefruit. Good beach drink on a hot day.

Check out the chocolate and vanilla raspberry fudge. This is from Atlantic City.

Lady bug strawberries get you every time. Who can say no to these things.

This is a nice healthy dish: 1. tomato 2. cauliflower 3. avocado 4. cheese 5. tortilla chips

Chocolate covered bananas with peanuts.