Cobb Salad. Just add bacon, eggs, and chicken. Avocado optional.

Best French dip ever! The meat was sensational and the gravy was so tasty. I would recommend this to anyone who likes a good sandwich at a good price.

Fried sweet potato fries. Got these at the annual Cajun Festival in Philly.

Clam Bake. Everything but the kitchen sink. The lobster was awesome and the crab was incredible! I can eat this everyday.

Simple yet very tasteful.

Lobster! Enough said!

What a sandwich! Prosciutto and mozzarella on a Focaccia bread with melted cheese on top!

Pasta burger. This thing was unbelievable!

Nathan's foot long hot dog from Yankee Stadium.

Taco pizza. The ingredients are: 1. Flat bread or pizza dough 2. Cheese 3. Olives 4. Scallions 5. Ground meat or sausage 6. Tomatoes

What a sandwich?! One of the best I ever had.

Look at that cheese just oozing out of that bbq beef sandwich. AWESOME!!